O mnie

My programming story

I started learning Python when I was 14 years old. I signed up for extra Python classes at the very beginning of my middle-high school, but then after a few lessons, I started learning on my own.

Since then, I have explored various aspects of this language, starting from simple games, through GUI applications, finally to Django apps. And I just fell in love with this gorgeous framework.

Moreover, I got familiar with some frontend technologies, so I like to think of myself as a Fullstack Web Developer. If it sounds funny to you (considering my age and experience), check out some of my Projects. Let my work be my testimony.

At the begging of high school, I came across the need to write a mobile application. So I learned Flutter. Just it. After a week of studying, I made my first hybrid app.

Since then, I’ve made several Flutter projects and fallen in love again. Amongst all the technologies I got any contact with for the past few years, I find Flutter the first as gratifying as Django.

Where I’m now

At the moment, I’m a high school student, looking forward to some commercial experience in software development. Especially in web and mobile development, but I’m not afraid of exploring new technologies of any kind. I even find myself slightly experienced in this field.

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